Video and case study experts

Capture multiple video testimonials and much more at your next live event

Your single, best opportunity to procure professional video for testimonials, industry insights and trends, thought leadership and showcasing your hero relationships.

Trusted by world class B2B brands and their teams

Much more than "They are a great brand"
customer testimonials

Plus, we make everyone look good and sound good

Max out your event ROI with a bagful of professional, deal closing video content based on interviews and discussions with

Show off your game and how you uniquely solve customer problems.

Capitalise on the one-off gathering of industry experts to discuss market trends and opportunities.

Getting your own in-house team together in one place with all the other key players doesn't happen every day.

Show that you and the game are one.

Not 'just' a camera crew

Strategy partner

With our pre-event planning, we’ll craft a strategy to map out your messaging, interview questions and footage to support your goals.

Customer buy in

We can help you select customers to take part, craft invite emails and identify key quotes.

Drive sales

We edit the interviews into professional video cuts, pre-planned for your sales funnel.

Video insight

Your next live event and Case Study Crew

Hannah Patterson, a regular voice and face of radio and TV, explains how working with Case Study Crew can turn your next event into a goldmine of video testimonial assets.


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To win the content marketing race, you need experts on your side.

At a live event, you need a team of professionals who have 'been there done that', will understand your goals and your message, will make everyone feel comfortable and finally, get every ounce of ROI with super professional content to win over new customers.

And for that, you need Case Study Crew.

Footage of the event itself is important of course but in an ideal world, a breakout room would also be a great option.

Having customers and industry leaders get together in one place will give you a unique opportunity to create invaluable sales and marketing collateral.

Absolutely not.

Work with our video marketing team to explore market trends, customer insights, thought leadership, case studies and much more - all with super professional video cuts ready for all your sales and marketing channels.

Don't waste a unique opportunity to fill your content calendar for months ahead.

You will be working primarily with Martin and Phil who have the experience gained from 100's of customer interviews and shoots.

We won't pass you down to junior staff or third-party contractors.

But best of all, Phil will make everyone look good, Martin will make everyone sound like a pro.

We aim to have draft content for you to review within 3 to 4 weeks of the filming.

If you need something quicker, we will do our best to accommodate you. However, we won't make a promise we can't keep.

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